With trained professionals in our team, we deliver quality and satisfactory water tank cleaning services. We are well-known for our prompt service.

Drinking unclean or contaminated water has affected human health to a significant level. Today, medical cases have increased due to water-borne diseases and food –poisoning has taken a back seat. It’s because you can check the quality of the food through appearance and smell which is not possible with water.

We often blame that the source of the water is not right and is the major culprit for the poor quality of water, but there is something that you miss out on. You forget the water tank that stores the water for your house. It is the major cause of the illness. So, you must opt for water tank cleaning regularly.


If you are thinking of getting a water tank cleaned, contact MJ FACILITIES.

With years of experience in the industry, we have placed ourselves in the category of the renowned and leading organization providing water tank cleaning services. We have a team of trained and experienced cleaners who work with utmost dedication and aim for customer satisfaction.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial water tank cleaning, you will get the best. We do not believe in one solution for all. Our experts thoroughly inspect the water tank, make the notes of the issues (found in the tank and faced by you) and define the cleaning strategy accordingly. After getting approval from you, we commence the cleaning process.

We implement professional methodologies which are safe and environment-friendly. We use reliable cleaning solutions that focus on removing impurities like sand, toxic, bacteria, viruses from the tank. Besides, we also use modern and latest cleaning equipment.

Worried about the service cost?

Don’t worry. MJ Facilities offers water tank cleaning services at a reasonable price. Before starting the cleaning process, we present a quote to the clients mentioning all the details. And there are no other costs or any hidden costs.

We Guarantee quality results and believe you wouldn’t regret after connecting with us.

To prevent illness and keep your loved ones safe, book our water tank cleaning services now. Drop your query and our representative will contact you.