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Are you looking for professional and reliable maintenance and cleaning services for your property in Abu Dhabi? MJ Facilities is here to help you with the complete range of maintenance, renovation, and cleaning services for residential and commercial properties. We are equipped with all the knowledge and skills to provide different types of services and meet all your demands at affordable rates.

From AC duct cleaning, water tank cleaning, swimming pool cleaning, disinfection & sanitization to maintenance, renovations, and fit-out works, we are capable to handle all kinds of jobs at residential and commercial facilities. We carry out day-to-day maintenance and cleaning works with cost-effective solutions for 100% customer satisfaction. In addition to all these services, we also offer property management services to keep all kinds of residential properties in top-notch condition all the time.

Why you need professional sanitizing and disinfection service.

The importance of safety and sanitation is on the rise, emphasizing the need to reside and work in an environment that is clean and secure. Never before has the significance of living and working in a clean and safe setting been more pronounced. While our regular sweeping and vacuuming endeavors offer some assistance, they fall short of providing the necessary level of sanitization required during a pandemic.

With shared spaces becoming increasingly common in both homes and offices, the importance of disinfection and sanitization services cannot be overstated. These services have the potential to be lifesaving. It is crucial for offices to prioritize the health and safety of their employees by availing themselves of such services. This is particularly important because offices often contain high-traffic areas that can easily become breeding grounds for the rapid spread of diseases.

Our professional cleaning services are customized for your unique needs

MJ Facilities, a professional sanitizing and disinfection service provider in Abu Dhabi, offer a full range of cleaning services for residential and commercial properties. Whether you are looking for water tank cleaning & disinfection services or disinfection and sanitization for flat villas, contact us for fast, reliable, and high-quality services as per your unique requirements. We are specialized in water tank cleaning & sanitization services along with plumbing maintenance work to keep your water supply system in perfect condition.

We also provide appliance maintenance and cleaning services such as AC duct cleaning on demand to keep everything up and running at your place. You can hire us for electrical works, fit-out works, painting services, or any other kind of renovation work as part of your annual property maintenance and management works.

Annual Maintenance Contract

As a reputed and professional sanitizing and disinfection service provider in Abu Dhabi, we offer annual maintenance contracts with customized services and maintenance works for residential and commercial properties. You can include our specialized services of your choice in your contract to meet your specific needs annually at affordable rates. We create a well-planned and customized program for regular inspection and maintenance work as per your annual maintenance contract to minimize the overall repair and maintenance costs.

  • Our Specialized Services
  • Maintenance of HVAC units and duct cleaning
  • Property renovation works
  • Swimming pool works
  • Carpentry works
  • Electrical works
  • Plumbing services
  • Interior and exterior painting works
  • Water tank cleaning and disinfection services
  • Pest control services
  • Villa and facility management

We are committed to providing fast and reliable services to meet client's requirements & satisfaction. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our services and get your project done on time and within your budget. We offer flat rates and upfront pricing to offer fair pricing for all our services as per the market standards. We don’t compromise with punctuality and quality of services at any cost.

Why MJ Facilities

Disinfection services encompass various activities such as spraying and wiping down touchpoints and surfaces using disinfectants approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our professionals will arrive in specialized hazmat garments approved by the EPA and utilize World Health Organization (WHO) recommended chemicals to ensure comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of your home or business. Our approach involves:

  • Employing EPA-registered chemicals and procedures
  • Utilizing hospital-grade disinfectants
  • Effectively eliminating 99.999% of bacteria and viruses
  • Avoiding the presence of harmful by-products or residues
  • At MJ Facilities, we adhere to the cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization guidelines recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) specifically for addressing the coronavirus. Before applying any chemicals, our skilled professionals thoroughly clean surfaces to remove visible debris and dust from high-touch points, including door knobs, handles, switches, and flat surfaces.

    This meticulous process ensures the effective elimination of disease-spreading bacteria and viruses, providing a guaranteed level of cleanliness and safety. Our sanitizing and disinfection approach minimizes downtime, making it suitable for both residential and office settings. The chemicals used in our services are non-toxic and pose no harm to humans or pets.

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