Keep Your Home At Its Best With These Ultimate Home Maintenance Tips

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A well-maintained home pays you a lot at the time of sale or when you plan to rent it. When you maintain your home regularly, you don’t need to pay hefty amounts for last-minute repairs. At first, home maintenance might seem intimidating and grueling. However, the results are always satisfying. Furthermore, home maintenance saves you a lot in the long run. Although most of the time you can maintain your home on your own, task such as electrical works, plumbing, air conditioner repairs, etc., requires professionals.

Further in this blog, we have compiled a home maintenance checklist to make home maintenance easier for you so make sure to spend the next few minutes thoroughly reading this blog.

Monthly home maintenance tasks

Inspect drains

It is vital to check your sink or washbasin drains on a regular basis to ensure there is no debris accumulated. If you find it clogged, opt for a DIY. Make a solution by mixing baking soda and vinegar in a bowl and pour it into the drain then wait for it to bubble. When it subsides, put a stopper and wait for 15 more minutes. After that, pour boiling water and clean the drain. If you find any damage in drains, call plumbing service providers right away.

Clean shower head and taps

It is vital to remove the mineral deposits from the showerheads and bathroom taps regularly. This ensures the long life of your bathroom fittings.

Run water in unused restrooms

If you have guestrooms in your home, this tip is important for you. Running water prevents any kind of dirt build-up from the unused restrooms.

Biannual home maintenance tasks


The plants in your landscape give your home a pleasing look so you must clean them periodically. Pluck the weed, remove the debris, and use insecticide to keep them looking their best. 

Water the inverter batteries

If you use an inverter at your home, it is vital to re-fill its batteries with distilled water. You can buy distilled water cans from your local supermarket. It plays a vital role to increase the life as well as the efficiency of the batteries.

Dusting the entire house

Cleaning the entire house every few months is an important component of home maintenance. Clean all the furniture, ceiling fans, windows, and appliances. Make sure to wipe the door edges or other places where the dust might accumulate.

Annual home maintenance tasks

Clean the AC filter

AC filter cleaning ensures that your AC is running efficiently. If your AC has a reusable filter, remove it then wash and place it back. Furthermore, you can opt for professional AC duct cleaning services as well.

Check roof surface

Thoroughly check your roof surface for cracks, paint chipping, holes, and other damage signs. If you find anything suspicious, contact a local roofing expert right away.

Repaint the walls

Paint can bring the most drastic difference to the appearance of your home. So if the paint from the walls is chipping, opt for a touch-up at least once a year. Rather than doing it yourself, put your trust in painting service professionals to get the best outcomes.

Clean the chimney

Cleaning the chimney of your kitchen once a year can ensure a smooth flow of smoke from your kitchen. The professionals can easily clean the soot build-up from the chimney. With this, we are ending this blog here. If you want to learn more about home maintenance, get in touch with the experts right away.

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