How Often Should You Get Your AC Serviced?

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Service for air conditioners is essential, even for top-notch ones. Neglecting service can lead to performance difficulties, compromising energy efficiency as well as longevity.

Now, the question arises: how frequently should I schedule maintenance for my air conditioner? Annually? Semi-annually? Biennially? Further in this blog, we will provide the answer along with some additional information.

How often does AC require servicing?

Typically, it is recommended to get your air conditioner serviced twice a year (in the fall and spring seasons). This ensures that the unit remains clean, its components are in good condition, and it operates at its optimal efficiency.

During the fall, the HVAC specialists prioritize the inspection and maintenance of your heater or furnace, preparing it for the colder weather. In the spring, after the temperatures have warmed up, AC maintenance service providers schedule tune-ups specifically for air conditioners to ensure they are ready to handle the humidity and heat.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t perform regular maintenance tasks on your own. In fact, you must do so. But when it comes to professional AC maintenance, scheduling it two times a year would be enough.

What AC maintenance service includes 

Now, you may be curious about the specific tasks carried out during AC service and maintenance. Several different actions are taken, all of which contribute to the efficiency and lifespan of your air conditioner.

To begin, your AC specialist will apply lubrication to the components of your AC to ensure smooth operation. Additionally, they will thoroughly clean the parts to guarantee optimal functionality.

The specialist will also assess the electricity and airflow within the system. If any issues are detected, they will bring them to your attention.

A comprehensive inspection will be conducted on all parts of the air conditioner, including the blower, condenser, and ductwork. Additionally, the refrigerant levels will be checked. In certain cases, minor repairs may be carried out without any additional labor charges.

The condensate drain which frequently gets clogged during the spring and fall when AC usage is lower, will also be addressed. Mold and debris tend to accumulate faster than expected, so the AC maintenance service providers install ceiling-saver switches in our HVAC systems. These switches turn off the system if the condensate drain gets blocked. It prevents costly water leaks on your ceilings and walls.

Furthermore, your AC technician will evaluate the accuracy and proper communication of your thermostat with the AC unit. If necessary, adjustments or reprogramming will be performed.

All in all, you can anticipate a thorough examination of your AC during the service, which includes extensive maintenance tasks. The primary goal of AC servicing is to ensure the optimal efficiency of your air conditioner. So make sure to rely only on AC professionals near you for on-time service of your air conditioner.

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