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Don’t Forget To Clean Your Walls before Painting

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“Cleaning the walls before painting”- Undoubtedly, no one loves it. House painting itself is a huge task. And people don’t love taking this additional burden.

People think what the need is if the paint is going to clean the walls afterward. It will hide the marks and imperfections and give a new look. They consider it illogical and a waste of time. But truly, it’s an important step before painting the walls.

Why is Cleaning Important before Painting?

Without cleaning, the wall paint will not survive for long. After a few years (sometimes even after a few months), the walls will not look the same. The new coat of paint will start flaking, cracking, and failing outright. It means the layer of paint will stick strongly on the walls.

Even if you use the highest quality paint and pay for the quality service to a painting company, just the trace amounts of dust, debris, grease, and grime will create havoc on the walls. These impurities will settle on the walls and weaken the strength.

How to Clean the walls before Painting?

Firstly, you should connect with your painting company for the cleaning of the walls. If the professionals are ready to offer this add-on service without extra cost, you do not have to worry about anything. You can leave both cleaning and painting on them.

If the painting company denies the service or charges higher, you should try doing it yourself. It’s easy. You just need to follow a simple three-step process.

Wipe it dry– You should start cleaning by removing the sticky mess on the walls. And you can do this by wiping it with a dry cloth. This will eliminate the dust and debris from the surface, which can spread with a wet cloth or sponge. We recommend wearing appropriate personal protective gear to protect you from anything unpleasant.

Scrub it down– After a dry wipe, you need a large soft sponge with a bucket of mildly soapy water. If possible, you can get specialist cleaning products. Using the cleaning solution, you should scrub the entire wall from the top down to the bottom. But make sure you don’t soak the sponge heavily.

Last, rinse it and wait– You need to get rid of residual soap so wipe the wall using some clean water. After the soapy residue is removed, you should dry the walls using a clean and dry cloth. The walls will take time to dry so you should wait before starting the painting process.

The walls will start accumulating dust and debris immediately after cleaning. So, you shouldn’t leave the walls after cleaning and should start painting as soon as possible.

Other than cleaning the walls, you should look for leaks and mold. They are usually present beneath the wall surface so be very careful while spotting them. Painting over leaks and mold will lead to many problems in the future.

Though wall cleaning increases the time of painting projects, you shouldn’t skip it at any cost. You just need to look for professional painters near you and follow the guidelines for a flawless result.

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