A Quick Guide to Different Types of Water Tank Cleaning Methods

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Water is one of the most important needs for human survival. A human requires food, water, and shelter in order to live a healthy and happy life. Water-borne diseases have become more widespread in recent years due to severe pollution. As a result, it has become vital to protect water from common contaminants for human consumption. This article discusses the various types of water tank cleaning you may need and why you should contact professional water cleaning services for the job.

It is required to perform the cleaning of the water tank every once or twice a year to either the underground tank or the overhead tank. Yes, there are DIY options available, but for the greatest results, hire a water tank cleaning service from one of the reputable home maintenance companies in Abu Dhabi like MJ Facilities.

Because of moisture, sediments, algae, and fungi accumulate on the tank walls and floor over time. Water pollution might result from the accumulation of these sediments. As a result, they are no longer fit for human consumption. Ignorance can lead to illness in your family. Professional water cleaning and maintenance companies in Anu Dhabi hence provide different types of water tank cleaning services depending on the type of contamination present in your water.

Sludge Removal

When water is kept, it is not as if only clean water is delivered through the pipes. Small leaves, debris, and silt could also make their way into the tank. As time goes on, a layer of sludge forms. It can be harmful to your family’s health. Bacterial infections typically cause stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, and other minor symptoms.

You must empty the tank, then sweep and wipe away the accumulated sludge with care. If the conditions are favorable, you may be able to enter the tank and do the cleaning job from the inside.

Dirt Removal

You can usually drain the tank using the DIY method. Scrubbing can also be used to clean the walls and floors. You may eliminate stains, fungi, and sediments by being patient and using time. However, you can only undertake this type of water tank cleaning activity if you have a tiny residence or a limited space to store the water.

But is it really possible to get rid of all the dirt? Yes, without a doubt. The same work is typically performed by trained professionals who work for water tank cleaning businesses. But after that, they clean the tank’s flooring and ceiling with a high-pressure jet. If not, it doesn’t take long for the dirt and sediment to accumulate again.

High-Pressure Cleaning

For the water tanks of large residences or commercial buildings, you might choose this solution. The high-pressure water jet may clean dirt, mud, and filth out of above or subsurface water tanks. A surface can be cleaned, degreased, and descaled with high-pressure water. If left unattended, they may develop into a breeding ground for germs that cause disease.

Vacuum Cleaning

It is a phrase used frequently when cleaning the house. To get rid of the debris and sediments on the floor, you must scrub firmly while cleaning a water tank. The remaining dirt can now be sucked up by vacuuming. Professional water tank cleaners may use specialized vacuum cleaning equipment that can capture even microscopic dirt.

Anti-Bacterial Spray/UV Radiation

The tank can typically be cleaned with an antibacterial spray or bleaching procedure. This kind of water tank cleaning is a little different from the others. The provider will make sure the area is clean and free from germs. Thus, it is necessary to clean the pipes as well. Water travels through the pipes and into the tank as a result.

These are the most common water tank cleaning methods employed by professional house maintenance companies in Abu Dhabi for the best results. If you are looking for high-quality and efficient water cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, contact us at MJ Facilities for more details.

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