A Quick Guide to AC Cleaning for Better Performance

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With hot scorching days in full swing in summer, your air conditioner has been running nonstop. You don’t want your air conditioner to fail when you most need it. This is likely to happen with poor upkeep and maintenance. The functioning of an air conditioner depends on cooling and airflow. Additionally, dust, dirt, debris, and obstructions reduce airflow, which will negatively impact the efficiency of your AC.

The performance of your air conditioner can be compromised by a lack of care and maintenance. Don’t forget to check your A/C if you are organizing and performing your routine spring cleaning. You may avoid costly repairs later on by investing a little time and money in AC cleaning services and tune-up today. There are a few tips you can use to improve the operation of your air conditioning unit and ensure that it operates efficiently.

A Quick Guide to AC Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning an air conditioner, filters and coils are the two main places to pay attention to. Filters remove dust from the air, but when they’re clogged, your air conditioner has to work harder and consume more energy to chill your house, which increases your costs without doing any good. Make sure the coils are clean and free of dust and debris because they assist in moving the hot and cold air.

Turn off the main supply line to your air conditioner before you start cleaning it to reduce any potential risks. Check to see if your air conditioners aren’t using any electricity. safety first! After this, follow these tips to clean your AC for better performance:

  • Clean air filters

One of the best methods to keep your air conditioning system in good shape and to ensure a healthy environment in your house is to clean the filters. An air filter cleans the air and keeps household contaminants like dust from recirculating. As a result, as the air filter accumulates dust over time, your air conditioner has to work harder. Your air conditioner will last less time if you do this since it harms the components.

  • Clean the drain pipes

The humidity in the air is also removed by an air conditioner. It gathers the moisture and channels it out of the room through the drain pipe. Your AC may sustain harm if the drain line becomes clogged over time and stops flowing. When material like slime, algae, or mold builds up inside the pipe, a blockage may result. Suck out any dirt that is already in the drain before cleaning it out.

  • Dust off the fan blades

If the outdoor air conditioning equipment is not cleaned regularly, the fins and fan blades become covered in dust. Consequently, your AC will work less efficiently. Therefore, you must first remove the AC unit’s outer panel in order to clean the fins and fan of dust. Next, remove the dust from the fins using delicate strokes and a soft brush, being careful not to distort the fins. Likewise, dust off the fan blades. To remove the layer of dust on the blades, use a moist cloth.

  • Remove debris around the outdoor unit

The efficiency of your air conditioner might be impacted by the outdoor AC unit’s frequent accumulation of dirt, pollen, twigs, leaves, and other debris. Since the exterior fans are typically covered by a few metal grates, dirt is quickly attracted, which affects how well your AC works. People frequently neglect to keep it tidy. Make careful use of your hands to scoop up the trash, or you can use a vacuum to get it all out.

An air conditioner is significantly more effective when it is cleaned and maintained. It ensures appropriate drainage and airflow while lowering the possibility of systemic issues. If you are looking for professional AC cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, UAE, contact us at MJ Facilities for quality and affordable services.

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