7 Signs to Clean Your AC Ducts

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The quality of the indoor air has a big impact on how comfortable a house is. Even those in the best of health can get symptoms after being exposed to dust, pollen, mold, or bug poop. Cleaning your air ducts on a regular basis is one way to enhance the quality of the air inside your home.

It shouldn’t be very challenging to know when to call professional AC duct cleaners for air duct cleaning. If you’re unclear whether your ducts need cleaning, keep an eye out for the following common warning signs.

Dirt, dust, and debris have clogged the vents and ducts

When the AC unit first starts on, there will likely be a small dust puff, which is almost certainly a sign that the air ducts are dirty. Normally, no visible dust or debris is emitted when the air conditioner is switched on and the air starts to circulate through the ducts. As a result, it is obvious that dusty air ducts are present.

Clogged air filters

Your HVAC system might need frequent filter replacements if this is the case. This can be a sign of a deeper problem. Yes, you should change your filters frequently. However, they shouldn’t become clogged after a few days of replacement. If they do, this indicates that the air ducts require cleaning and maintenance.

Unpleasant odor

Another sign that the ventilation system has to be completely cleaned is the presence of a strong and unpleasant odor inside you home. The air duct may be the source of any unpleasant odors you detect in your home but are unable to identify their source. To confirm these assumptions, gently approach each air vent and give it a good sniff. A technician can also search the air ducts for anything that might be the cause of the smell.

Presence of mold and mildew in your HVAC system

Mold is worse for your health than dust. In addition to making allergies and respiratory issues worse, mold and mildew spread swiftly throughout the house. So, if you notice mold growing near vent covers or air conditioning systems, act quickly. Since mold and mildew thrive in moist environments, professionals will also recommend that you invest in a house dehumidifier in addition to clearing out the moldy AC ducts.

Your house quickly gets dusty

No one enjoys any sort of cleaning. If you keep finding dust and dirt in your house despite cleaning it, this gets even more serious. This shows that a lot of dust is being blown onto the surfaces, probably from your air conditioning system.

Poor airflow

Poor or unstable airflow is another sign that your air ducts need cleaning. Vents produce consistent airflow, so the airflow quality inside should be the same. If this isn’t the case, have a professional check the ducting around each vent to make sure it’s clean.

Energy bills are higher than usual

Your heating and cooling costs ought to remain consistent throughout the year, irrespective of the season. If you see an increase in your energy expenses compared to a few months ago, your AC systems may be to fault. The air conditioner will need to spend more energy to maintain the desired temperature if the ductwork is obstructed and air from the heating and cooling system cannot move easily. Increased bills are a direct result of the extra energy consumption.

Cleaning the AC ductwork becomes necessary in these circumstances. Most households are aware of how crucial duct cleaning is. However, the majority of people wonder how to tell whether their air ducts need to be cleaned. That’s all there is to it. Find professional AC duct cleaners to inspect and clean the AC duct if you live in an old house and are unable to recall the last time it was cleaned. The systems might not appear to need cleaning, but they have undoubtedly gathered dust over their time in use.

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