5 Plumbing Issues Homeowners Are Likely to Encounter During Summer

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Usually, winters are blamed to cause most plumbing problems. But did you know that warmer months can also cause several plumbing issues? Yes, it’s true that people need to hire plumbing maintenance services during summer as well. But don’t you worry because we are here to help you with every plumbing issue. Today, we will talk about the most common plumbing problems that occur during summers.

  1. Clogged Drains

Summer is the time when people like to entertain to make the most of the weather. However, this also means that your drains are getting used more frequently.

To avoid any blockage in the drain, ensure that some things like coffee granules, food scraps, paper towels, oil and grease, and wipes are not washed down the sink at the end of a party. Flushing such items down the sink can lead to expensive repairs.

One more thing you can do to keep your drains clear of clogs is that you can pour a kettle of hot water down the sink pipe every few days.

  • Leaky Pipes and Taps

When you have leaky pipes and taps in your home, they are not only wasting precious water but also raising the cost of your bills every month.

When pipes are subjected to excessive pressure or stress, taps start leaking eventually. This happens more in summer because you might be using garden hoses, sprinklers, filling swimming pools, or doing similar things more frequently.

As the stress increases, your pipes become more likely to leak. To avoid this, try to use your water mains as little as possible and water your garden from water butts to save water and money and reduce the excessive stress on pipes.

  • Structurally Compromised Drainage System

As the temperature rises, it is possible that the ground under your home dries up quickly due to lack of rain and this can cause cracks in your pipes. When pipes are exposed to excessive heat and UV rays day after day, it can result in some serious structural damage. While this may take years to happen, you should deal with it right away when you notice signs. Cover any exposed pipework by using insulation to prevent it from getting overheated.

  • Blocked Gutters

Though any homeowner gives the least thought to the health of their gutters, blocked gutters can cause substantial inconvenience and plumbing problems. During summer, gutters can get easily blocked due to falling debris, such as leaves, twigs, and grass clippings.

Thus, the gutters must stay clean and clear during the summer months to avoid any plumbing issues and keep water away from your home foundation.

  • Blocked Shower Drains

As the heat starts irritating, people tend to go to beaches frequently. This means when you come home, you will be cleaning all the sand, pebbles, and shells under the shower. As a result, your shower drain can become clogged slowly. To avoid this, get a drain cover to strain all the debris that you and your family bring back from the beach. Keep an eye on the drain and make sure that hairs are regularly removed from there.

Summer is the time when your plumbing lines are the busiest. If you are too facing any issues or want to prevent them before big issues start developing, stay in touch with reputable professionals who offer the best plumbing maintenance services in your area.