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5 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Swimming Pool

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People think a swimming pool has nothing to do with winter so it should be left as it is for the entire season. According to them, swimming pool maintenance is important only if you feel like using it, which is not possible in the winter season due to chilling days. But unfortunately, the swimming pool owners are wrong at this point.

Even if the swimming pool is not in use, it requires proper care and maintenance. It’s because the pool is affected equally in all the seasons. The outside temperature and pollutants affect the surfaces and deteriorate the water quality poorly. And if these are not treated well on time, it can damage the swimming pool forever.

For the right swimming pool maintenance, you should follow the below mentioned easy ways.

Know and Understand the water chemicals

Water itself is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen but when it’s used in a swimming pool, the chemical reactions are increased to make it safe for swimming. As water is stagnant in the pool, it starts accumulating dangerous bacteria. So chlorine is used to treat them.

In case water is over-chlorinated, it can cause rashes and eye irritation. To keep the chemicals balanced, you should use a modern testing kit and apply the solution based on the result. You should check the pool chemical level at least once a week.

Clean your Swimming Pool Daily

Just like other household chores, you should include swimming pool cleaning in your daily routine. It will remove the dirt and avoid excessive accumulation until the end of the week. If the dirt is removed timely, it will eliminate the burden from your shoulder.

The best way to clean your swimming pool daily is by skimming the top of the pool to remove the leaves, bugs, and dirt. Also, you should clean the strainer basket scrub the sides of the pool using a brush or pumice stone.

Start Using a Pool Vacuum

Sometimes, dirt and leaves are left on the surface after skimming which eventually sink to the bottom. The skimming tool will not catch hold of the elements that settle down so you should start using a pool vacuum.

Due to wide variations in the pool vacuum, you should learn to use them rightly. You should know the setup and process so that vacuuming becomes easy.

Shock your Swimming Pool 

Shocking is an integral part of swimming pool maintenance. It’s a process to add a high volume of chemicals at once and kill the bacteria forever. The process is termed as “shocking” because the pool is burden with lots of chemicals at one time.

According to experts, you should shock your pool twice a season to prevent contamination. While shocking, you should wear protective clothing like glasses, gloves, and others. Learn the shocking technique before implementing it.

Check the Water Level in the Pool

No matter what the season is, you should keep on checking the water level in your swimming pool. Generally, the major fluctuation in water level happens in summer due to evaporation.  

Firstly, you should know the exact water level required for your swimming pool. In case the water level is then the required level, it will damage the pool’s pump. On the other hand, if the water level is more, it will cost you high to lower the level.

Taking the above-mentioned points into consideration, you can follow a DIY approach for swimming pool maintenance. But it wouldn’t be easy always because a pool is a highly complex system. Chances are that you might damage the parts due to a lack of knowledge. So you should look for the best maintenance company near you. There are many benefits of hiring a maintenance company. You should schedule yearly maintenance with the professionals and work on their opinion to keep your swimming pool operating for a long.

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